Deciduous varieties, number in brackets is number of plants available in 2 litre pots, all are well rooted through and ready to plant in your garden or pot on:
Agapanthus Beatrice.JPG

Agapanthus Beatrice


A Pine Cottage Plants agapanthus, bred by Dick Fulcher in 1999 and named in honour of his mother-in-law.  Mid to deep blue tubular flowers with flared ends. Deciduous leaves. Hardy.  We are the only stockist listed in RHS Plantfinder.
Height 4ft.


Agapanthus Bethlehem Star.jpg

Agapanthus Bethleham Star

Very pale blue, almost silvery in appearance, flowers in well-shaped flower heads.  Upright stems and floriferous.  Deciduous leaves and hardy. Very rare.

Height 3ft.


Agapanthus Bressingham White.JPG

Agapanthus Bressingham White

A good, hardy white agapanthus, has been growing in our garden for many years withstanding hard winters and reliably flowering each summer.  Bred by Alan Bloom of Bressingham Nurseries in the 1970's.

Height 3ft.


Agapanthus A stencil

Agapanthus 'Camilla'


A rare agapanthus with exceptionally rich dark blue flowers.  Hardy and deciduous.

Height 30"


Agapanthus cam ssp patens dark blue.JPG

Agapanthus camp. ssp.patens dark blue

A relatively seldom grown agapanthus though it is hardy and looks most attractive in a border or pot.  The flowers are a good blue and form a globe shape.  The deciduous leaves have a distinct blue hue.  

Height 24-30"


Agapanthus Profusion.jpg

Agapanthus camp. 'Profusion'

As the name suggests, very free flowering, petals have a noticeable midrib stripe.

Height 3ft.


Agapanthus Columba 2.jpg

Agapanthus 'Columba'

A traditional type of agapanthus flowers pale violet-blue inside and darker outside, prolific and good for cut flowers too.  Deciduous leaves, slightly glaucous. Hardy.
Height 30"


Agapanthus Crystal Drop 1.jpg

Agapanthus 'Crystal Drop

Introduced in 1996. Deciduous glossy green leaves. Elegant and unusual long tubular flowers, pearly white with a hint of violet along the mid rib; an apertus type agapanthus. The flowers almost hang vertically when fully out; 30-40 flowers per head on mature plants, about 5" across.
Height 3-4ft.


Agapanthus caulescens.JPG

Agapanthus caulescens 

Many attractive, mid blue flowers with flared petals making a good round umbel. Deciduous, handsome, glossy leaves organised rather like a leek plant and making an interesting feature. Not widely grown and it deserves to be!
Height 36"