Crocosmia species and cultivars flower from the early summer into the autumn and give eye-catching displays above elegant sword-shaped leaves.  Crocosmia are easy to grow and will tolerate a wide range of soils, avoid waterlogged or exceptionally dry.  Site in sun or partial shade. They have few pests or diseases.  Some gardeners perceive them as invasive similar to the naturalized Mombretia growing in the south and south-west of England but the vast majority of them and the ones we sell are clump-forming and do not spread too energetically.  We recommend planting the corms about 4” (10cms) deep – below possible frost penetration level in most areas of the UK (the corms will die if they freeze).  Don’t worry if new leaves emerge in the Spring and then are frosted, more new ones will appear.  If the corms become too congested over the years, lift the clump during the autumn, divide and replant..  Please note that some of the crocosmia are now putting up tall flowers spikes and these may have to be cut off before dispatch.


We're sorry we have now sold out of many of our crocosmia in pots.  However we will be selling the bare corms in the autumn and if you would to order some for planting then please send us an email from the contact us page, letting us know the varieties you are interested in.  Autumn is a good time of year to plant crocosmia and you will save on postage too!

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