DECIDUOUS AGAPANTHUS IN CLUMPS, freshly lifted from or stock beds or stock pots

Spring is the ideal time to lift and divide agapanthus, just when they have started into growth.  Lifting and dividing them every four years or so and taking the outer portions of the clumps and replanting reinvigorates the clumps and maintains good flowering each summer, otherwise the clumps has become too congested and run of of vigour.  We will have some spare divisions of a number of varieties, listed below.  The divisions will be large (could be potted into a four or five litre pot) and the soil will not be completely washed off the roots but just lightly shaken to remove excess.  They should transplant well and are good value.

An information sheet on planting will be included with each order.


Single clump of agapanthus, ready for wrapping then dispatch


Clump of agapanthus (Misty Dawn), lifted and ready for division