Deciduous Agapanthus

Deciduous agapanthus make excellent garden plants, they are hardy and reliable and will grow successfully in your garden in a sunny spot and well-drained soil.  Their leaves die down each winter and then reappear the following spring with the flowers following during the summer months.  They can also be grown in pots very successfully and make good cut flowers too.

Agapanthus 'Adonis'
Agapanthus 'Alice Gloucester'
Agapanthus 'Amsterdam'
Agapanthus 'Angela'
Agapanthus  'Arctic Star'
Agapanthus 'Ardernei Hybrid'
Agapanthus 'Balmoral'
Agapanthus 'Beatrice'
Agapanthus 'Bethlehem Star'
Agapanthus 'Blue Bird'
Agapanthus 'Blue Companion'
Agapanthus 'Bray Valley'
Agapanthus 'Bressingham Blue'
Agapanthus 'Bressingham White'
Agapanthus 'Brody'
Agapanthus 'Buckingham Palace'
Agapanthus campanulatus
Agapanthus camp. albiflorus
Agapanthus camp. 'Cobalt Blue'
Agapanthus cam ssp patens dark blue
Agapanthus camp. 'Wedgwood Blue'
Agapanthus caulescens
Agapanthus 'Castle of Mey'
Agapanthus 'Celebration'
Agapanthus 'Clarence House'
Agapanthus 'Columba'
Agapanthus Cool Blue
Agapanthus Crystal Drop
Agapanthus 'Dart Valley'
Agapanthus 'Dartmoor'
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