An agapanthus for every garden...

We specialise in growing agapanthus plants on our nursery.


All our agapanthus plants are growing in 2 litre pots and are well established with good root systems.  They should flower within a year of planting.  We propagate our agapanthus by division or  micropropagation therefore all are true to form.  If you would like any help in selecting which ones are right for your garden please email us.





Crocosmia Corms

October 2020: we are now lifting our crocosmia corms and all the crocosmia corms listed  are available bare-rooted; please ignore the 'out of stock' - this refers to corms in pots.  They are priced at 3 for £3.00 plus P&P £3.50 (flat rate for any number purchased).  They will be dispatched by Royal Mail second class in a padded envelope or box.  Each order will have a note enclosed about planting and caring for crocosmia corms.

If you would like to purchase any please email me  and let me know variety and number of corms you would like and I will send you an invoice for payment by card or you can contact me (01208 872291) and order and pay by phone.

Any questions please don't hesitate to email us.

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