Red-hot pokers are good, long-lived perennials for the garden.  Their name is misleading because the flowers come in a range of colours from white, pale green and yellows, through shades of coral, and orange to bright red. Their distinctively-shaped blooms are also variable from elegant thinnish pokers to much fatter chunkier versions.  Their height ranges from 1ft. to over 6ft.  Some cultivars bloom quite early in the year though most in the summer and a few in the autumn.
Kniphofias are generally easy to grow in full sun with fertile, well-drained soil that isn’t too wet over winter.   Tidy up the plants in spring, leaving the old growth overwinter to protect the crown of the plant.

Please note that some of the kniphofia have now tall flowers spikes and these may have to be cut off before dispatch

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